Warranty Service

        We offer you a guarantee service. Its conditions are developed by the manufacturer and it is determined by the product group. You can find detailed information below:

    ü  Guarantee service means free repair of the item, which includes repair and cost of spare parts. (changed, damaged part will remain in company's ownership);

    ü  Guarantee service will be implemented if the rules of exploitation are observed;

    ü  To provide guarantee service, the customer must submit a guarantee coupon to the shop;

    ü  In case of loss or damage of guarantee coupon, the item is not subject to guarantee service;

    ü  A guarantee period is determined for 4-6 weeks after submission of the item that should be repaired to the store.

    ü  Guarantee period is not expired;

    ü  A guarantee coupon filled by trade organization is presented;

    ü  A guarantee coupon data is not changed, delete or altered;

    ü  There is no visual or mechanical defect on the item;

    ü  The item is used for its purpose (s);

    ü  Damage is not caused by a foreign body or liquid in the mechanism;

    ü  If the factory defect has been expired within 5 (five) working days from the acquisition of the item, a full set should be submitted to the shop without any damages    

         within this timeframe; 

    ü  Installation or repair works are carried out by the specialist and the damage is not caused by the unqualified work performed;

        Guarranty service is provided by LTD '' BMC Sharm ''

        Aghmashenebeli Alley and Akhmeteli Street crossing. Tel: 230-70-90